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2013 Short Form Catalog


diode laser spectroscopy

earth's field nmr

earth's field nmr gradient/field coil system

fabry-perot cavity

faraday rotation

foundational Magnetic Susceptibility - NEW

fourier Methods

hall effect

magnetic force

magnetic torque

modern interferometry

free dates

pulse counter / interval timer

pulsed/cw nmr


Apparatus Designed and Built by Physicists who have
Taught in the Advanced Undergraduate Lab

TeachSpin Instruments can be found in institutions all over the world
See USERS for a complete list.


"No Resident Expert Required"


No matter what you call it, Advanced Physics Lab, Upper Division Lab, Junior/Senior Lab,
Modern Lab, Optics Lab or even Great Experiments in Physics,
TeachSpin apparatus offers your faculty and students a wide array of exciting
and challenging hands-on physics experiments.

Translations Available:
German Translation